How to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

How to See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Instagram is one of the most visited social media sites in the whole world. It allows you to post pictures, short videos, and interact with other users by following them and/or messaging them directly.

It doesn’t matter if you post daily or if you barely use the app, everyone has a number of followers – but having a follower does not guarantee said follower will see your posts, or your profile. Everyone wants to see who views their Instagram profile. Even you! Don’t worry, we’ll teach you how to check it.

Can you Really See Who Views Your Instagram Profile? 

There are ways to deduce if someone has an interest in your social media activity: they’re always viewing your stories, liking your posts or commenting on them with all sorts of stuff. If you really want to, you can tell who sees your Instagram profile using the data already provided by the site – things like these can come in handy if you’re a keen observer.

There are, however, certain kinds of followers that like to keep an eye on you without leaving a trace. It’s not so easy in those cases, though – Instagram won’t let you know who views your Instagram profile right upfront. It gets harder from here, since there’s no way to accurately see who visited your profile on Instagram, regardless of your account type. So you won’t know who’s visiting your profile even if you’re a business account and could take advantage of this type of information for good purposes.

There are external apps that will help you with metrics and collectible data, which in turn will make things easier for you. If you’re looking for an app to see who views your Instagram profile, keep reading. We’ll show you the Editor’s choices.

The Best Apps to Check Who Visited Your Profile On Instagram

Please, keep in mind these apps won’t show you who views your Instagram profile. They will help you with metrics, and a couple of things you won’t get with the main application, such as new followers, unfollowers, and people who blocked your account. In order to do any of these things, you must see the profile first, so those are at least guaranteed to have seen your profile on Instagram.

Just a quick piece of advice before you continue reading. If you feel like you’re paying too much attention to who sees your profile on Instagram or any other apps, feel free to take a break from social media exposure. It’s never healthy to spend too much time online, and it can take its toll if left unattended. Take care of yourself first, then worry about media stuff.

With that said, let’s take a look at the apps that will help you to know who visits your Instagram profile.

1. Influxy

Influxy will keep track of any changes in your list of followers and your stories. If someone unfollows you, blocks you, unblocks you or starts following you, this app will know it and notify you. It will also keep track of the number of views in your stories and who they were, something that disappears from the main app after 48 hours.

Apps to Check Who Visited Your Profile On Instagram

Influxy is an amazing app to have better control over who visited your profile on Instagram. It’s available for Android and iOS, and it’s completely free.

For Android:

For iPhone:

2. Stalker: Who Viewed Instagram Profile

Our selected alternative for the choice listed above, Stalker is a complete package for Instagram metrics: you will see who views your Instagram profile, how many times did they see it, who unfollows you or blocks you, ghost followers (bot accounts or people that do not interact with your profile in a long time), best posts by number of views and likes, and the list goes on… It also allows you to save other people’s stories and posts without losing media quality!

There’s always a catch – it’s only available for Android, and only a limited number of functions are free. But it’s still an above average app that will help you to know who views your Instagram profile.

Have you used alternatives to know who’s looking at your profile? Did you know about the apps listed here? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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