How to See Who Views your WhatsApp Profile and Status

How to See Who Views your WhatsApp Profile and Status

WhatsApp is a popular social media app with over 2 billion users. With it, you can chat with as many people as you want, provided you have their WhatsApp number or WhatsApp link. WhatsApp comes with so many features that appeal to many users who are concerned about their privacy. While you can upload a profile picture and a status, you can control who can see whatever you upload. You can even control whether a user knows when you read their message or not.

If you are concerned about who viewed my WhatsApp profile or status, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will enlighten you on how WhatsApp profile and status work and also some apps you can use to monitor activities on your WhatsApp profile.

Can you See who Views your WhatsApp Profile?

Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not come with any such feature you can use to find out who visited your WhatsApp profile. WhatsApp is such a basic app to use and does not offer such a feature you can use to see who visits your WhatsApp profile. When anyone checks your WhatsApp, all they see is your profile picture, name, and about, of which you can change who can view this information from the general public to only people you have their mobile number saved on your device. So, except there is a privacy concern, there is no point in wondering how to tell who visits your profile on WhatsApp. If you’d like to know who visited your profile on WhatsApp, there are third-party apps you can get that claim to provide this information. But note that most of these apps are not free, and many don’t work.

Can you see who Views your WhatsApp Status?

Absolutely, WhatsApp shows who viewed your status. But, note that your WhatsApp status will only be live for 24 hours, after which it will be automatically removed. Also, you have total control over who views your WhatsApp status. By default, only contacts you have saved on your device can view WhatsApp status. If you are wondering, can you see who views your WhatsApp status without them knowing..? Yes, You can see it. Well, WhatsApp won’t notify them, although they know you can check to see if they viewed your status, as it is a WhatsApp feature. If you are uncomfortable when you see who viewed your WhatsApp status, you can always go to your WhatsApp settings to make changes to who sees your WhatsApp status.

How to See Who viewed your WhatsApp Status

If you want to see who viewed your WhatsApp Status. Just follow these steps shown below see exactly whoever viewed your WhatsApp Status.

1. At first, Open WhatsApp on your phone.

2. Tap the “Status tab”.

3. Tap on the “My Status” found at very first of the status tab. You will see the list of all status you have uploaded within the last 24 hour.

4. Tap on a status that you want to check who viewed.

5. Look for the “Eye icon” in the bottom center of the screen.

6. Tap on the “Eye icon” to see the list of users who viewed your WhatsApp status.

How to See Who Views your WhatsApp Status

How to See Who Views Your WhatsApp Profile

If you don’t want to restrict who can view your WhatsApp profile but know who actually viewed it, then the only way to achieve this is by using a third-party app to see who views your WhatsApp profile. Note that using such apps violates WhatsApp terms of usage and could get you banned. In fact, these apps are not even on the app store, just to put it in a better perspective.

Method #1 Whats Tracker

Whats Tracker

Whats Tracker is a tad bit newer app that surfaced sometime in 2017. Despite this app’s claims, one thing that is somewhat concerning about it is that it claims to support Android Version 16 and above, whereas the most recent Android version is Android 10. That aside, when you launch the app, there are three tabs – visitor, visited, and contacts. In each tab, you get to see who viewed your profile and the profiles you viewed.

Download Whats Tracker

Get it on Google Play

Method #2 WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me

WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me is an app that claims it tells who views my WhatsApp profile or status. However, you have to grant it permission to manage your phone calls, contacts, and location. To see who viewed your profile with this app, after you get the app up and running, tap on the Scan button, and this app will show you contacts that viewed your profile. The app is no longer available to download from google play.

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Conclusively, now that you know how to see who views your WhatsApp profile and status, you can increase your privacy. Luckily WhatsApp comes with all the features you’d need to ensure you are only contacted and your profile viewed by people you feel comfortable with. In fact, your WhatsApp status can only be viewed by people you have their contact on your device before when you upload the status. Also, feel free to use the block feature to cut off contact with anyone you don’t feel comfortable talking to.


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